KMS Launches Sani-Pro® Elements For Food, Beverage and Life Science Applications

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Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS) announces the launch of the Sani-Pro® spiral element product line tailored to the stringent requirements of membrane separations within the Food, Beverage and Life Science markets.
Building on KMS’ 50-year record of reliability and innovation, Sani-Pro elements are constructed for higher pressure operation and to withstand harsh chemical cleaning without any detrimental impact on performance, extending their operating life compared to traditional products.
Additionally, the line is designed to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and decrease contamination risk.
The most advanced crossflow filtration membranes on the market, these elements offer up to 25 percent improvement in energy efficiency and up to 15 percent improvement in element productivity, reducing total operating costs.
Sani-Pro sanitary spirals demonstrate long life and low-cost operation in various applications, such as animal- and plant-based protein concentration and purification, fermentation broth clarification, product recovery, gelatin concentration, juice color concentration, sugar separations and sweetener clarification. Sani-Pro elements are compliant with applicable FDA, 3A, EU and Halal standards and regulations.
All Sani-Pro elements are drop-in replacements and available in all common product configurations.
“Cutting-edge innovation is reshaping the Food, Beverage and Life Science markets, and membrane separation plays a key role in accelerating innovation,” said Manny Singh, KMS president. “KMS is investing heavily in next generation membrane technology to separate, concentrate and purify high-value products. The introduction of the Sani-Pro product line allows KMS to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions that directly address our customers’ needs.”
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