KMS Launches TIDAL™ Forward Osmosis Solution, Enables Product Concentration Without Heat

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Recognizing a need for a natural, heatless concentration process that preserves product quality, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) announces the launch of TIDAL Forward Osmosis Solution, an FO-based technology tailored to the Food, Beverage and Life Sciences markets.
Heat exposure during thermal evaporation can compromise the essential properties of high value products. TIDAL Forward Osmosis technology utilizes osmosis — a natural process that allows concentration of food, dairy and beverage products without exposure to heat, thereby preserving their intrinsic properties.
The automatically controlled TIDAL FO systems process food and beverage streams from 3-50 gpm (1-10 m3/hr). These units are easily scalable to larger flow rates. Additionally, KMS offers potential users lab and pilot scale units for feasibility tests and demonstrations.
“Our customers in the Food, Dairy and Beverage markets face increasing challenges to improve the nutritional and organoleptic properties of their products,” said Manny Singh, KMS president. “KMS is devoted to becoming their technology supplier of choice by developing and introducing membrane-based solutions, which help them achieve this objective.”
For the food and beverage industries, the TIDAL solution features FO spiral membranes through an exclusive agreement with Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS).
“We are pleased to announce our partnership with FTS, as we share a common vision of bringing next-generation, cutting edge separation technologies to the market,” said Singh. “We’re excited to bring this technology to the food, beverage and life sciences markets, and we plan to expand this offering to other industrial markets in the future.”
To learn more about TIDAL Forward Osmosis solution or to request information, visit
our TIDAL Forward Osmosis web page.