With more membrane products than any other manufacturer, our filtration is used to process bottled water, juice, wine and other beverages. We help manufacturers to concentrate, clarify and purify their beverages, from the treatment of incoming water to the final product.


Bottled Water

Pretreating raw water and generating ultrapure product without interruption is crucial when bottling water. Our hollow fiber ultrafiltration provides excellent purification in a compact package that resists particulate buildup. We also help manufacturers to recycle process water which reduces operating costs and environmental footprint.


Our membrane systems are designed to produce more clarified juice per bushel for higher profits and quality. From haze-free apple juice to excellent color in dark juices, we offer long-lasting clarification technology that requires less maintenance than conventional methods. KMS filtration removes suspended solids, colloidal haze particles, microorganisms and undesirable proteins to reduce bitterness and produce clear, flavorful juice. Our unique TIDAL Forward Osmosis solutions allow for generation of the highest quality concentrates, with natural color, aroma and flavor.


As a complete solution provider, we work to improve the efficiency and yield of your wine production line. We offer our Wine-COR crossflow filtration systems to clarify wine, and Lees-COR systems to squeeze more wine from lees and increase production yield. Our unique TIDAL Forward Osmosis solutions allow for high quality must concentration, and wine concentrates. As an additional benefit, our technologies can recover spent caustic to reduce waste and chemical costs, and our RO and NF technologies are used for alcohol reduced wines. With our high-quality water filtration, we will help your process water supply for crushing and barrel-rinse operations, and also treat wastewater for safe and compliant discharge.