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Ceramic Module Pilot SystemCeramic Module System
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Ceramic Modules

MF and UF Ceramic Modules

Ceramic membranes provide an excellent solution for various industrial applications. Ceramic membranes demonstrate excellent chemical and thermal compatibility. Coupled with long membrane life, they are considered the most cost-effective solution for several market applications.

KSS offers a variety of ceramic products, providing high quality membrane modules for small, medium and large projects at wide range of MF and UF pore size.

In addition to water and wastewater applications, ceramic membranes are well suited for clarification of sugars, gelatin, fermentation broth, edible oil recovery, removal of bacteria from milk and other food products, chemical recovery, prefiltration in the textile, pulp and paper, automotive and other general industrial industries.

The KSS Advantage

Offering large variety of membrane chemistries and product configurations, KSS can tailor the optimal solution for each challenge. Our engineers are knowledgeable and experienced and will collaborate with you to provide highest value to your processes.

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