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FEG PLUS Tubular ModulesULTRA-COR Tubular Membrane Modules

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KONSOLIDATOR Tubular Systems Diagram


FEG PLUS tubular modules

These 1” diameter membrane tubes serve in the most difficult applications, easily managing high-suspended solids without plugging. Their robust design and construction as well as their wide pH and temperature range make them one of the most successful filtration products in the industrial market. Available in neutral or negatively charged PVDF chemistries, they offer excellent chemical resistance, high flux and easy cleaning in applications such as oily wastewater treatment, colloidal silica and kaolin clay or latex concentration, ink and pigment processing, and metal finishing separations.

ULTRA-COR tubular modules

A bundle of seven ½” diameter ultrafiltration membranes in a one-inch PVC shell, this product handles elevated concentrations of suspended solids without sacrificing membrane area. The ULTRA-COR product is ideal for applications such as metal hydroxide concentration, electrocoat paint and other industrial streams.

Systems Information
KONSOLIDATOR systems are pre-engineered tubular plants using the open channel 1” FEG PLUS membrane and the ½” ULTRA-COR multi-tube module. They are designed to handle the toughest wastewaters contaminated with emulsified oils, grease, heavy metals and high content of suspended solids. Streams treated by the KONSOLIDATOR system are often clean enough for factory reuse, offering a safe, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to discharge.

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