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KMS Spotlight Series Episode 1: Caustic Recovery

Caustic is widely used to clean process equipment, mercerize fabric, and remove hemicellulose in pulp & paper. There are great economic and environmental benefits to recovering spent caustic for reuse. Listen as experts at KMS discuss reuse applications and how our technology can help.

Koch Membrane Systems Automotive Solutions

KMS offers a complete solution for the automotive industry, including production of high-quality process water and RO-quality water, E-Coat paint bath conductivity control and paint recovery, polishing of UF permeate in a closed-loop rinse, and treatment of facility or combined wastewater streams.

Our American Stories Interview with Manny Singh

Our American Stories featured Manny Singh, President of Koch Membrane Systems, where he talks about his personal experience with water scarcity and his motivation to create value for customers around the world through innovative membrane-based solutions.

TIDAL Forward Osmosis Solutions

TIDAL™ Forward Osmosis enables product concentration without the use of high-pressure reverse osmosis, or thermal evaporation processes. The gentle low-pressure and low-temperature processing conditions preserve natural properties and provide the highest quality concentrated product.

Koch Membrane Systems Textile Solutions

Learn about KMS’ solutions in the textile industry, including water and wastewater treatment and in-process recovery of valuable caustic, PVA, and dyes.

Filtration for a Better Future

Membranes are changing the world. As manufacturers are held to stricter standards for product quality and water scarcity increases globally, filtration is more important than ever. See how Koch Membrane Systems is prepared to help solve your filtration challenges.

WEFTEC 2017 WaterTalk Interview

Check out the WaterTalk interview from WEFTEC 2017 with Taylour Johnson, Product Manager, Water and Wastewater at Koch Membrane Systems.

WEFTEC 2015 Koch Membrane Systems

Manny Singh with Koch Membrane Systems talks about the recent release of the PULSION MBR, its large-scale applications, and value to end-users.

SABESP ABV Plant – São Paulo, Brazil

KMS presents the largest Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant in South America at “ETA Eng. Rodolfo José da Costa e Silva”- the ABV WTP – which features a PURON® HF system installed to treat 2000 L/s (46 MGD) of water from Guarapiranga Reservoir to the city of São Paulo.

Aquapolo Wastewater Treatment Plant – São Paulo, Brazil

KMS presents the Aquapolo Project, the largest reuse Project from the Southern Hemisphere which features a PURON® MBR system installed to produce 650 L/s (15 MGD) of reuse water to the Petrochemical Polo of Mauá, in São Paulo State.

Ripple Effect

Manny Singh experienced the global water crisis firsthand when he was child. Today at Koch Membrane Systems, he’s helping solve it – one city at a time.

2014 Koch Industries - We Are Koch

We're excited to announce a new campaign to tell the story of Koch Industries from our start in America's heartland. While you might not always see our name on the products you use, we're working to provide innovations in products you need every day. Together, we are Koch.

Koch Membrane Systems Water Overview

Koch Membrane Systems Water and Wastewater group is helping solve problems throughout the world.

PURON® MP Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Cartridge

The free floating membranes of the PURON MP hollow fiber cartridge release solids to eliminate sludging problems. The unique free fiber construction offers the most effective solids management in the market.

PURON® MP 中空纤维超滤膜件

PURON MP 中空纤维超滤膜件内自由摆动的膜丝能排放固体物质而避免污堵问题。这种独特的自由摆动膜丝结构提供了市场上最高效的固体物质管理办法。

Cartucho de Ultrafiltração de Fibra Oca PURON® MP

As membranas livres do cartucho de fibra oca PURON MP liberam os sólidos para eliminar problemas com enlodamento. O design exclusivo de fibras livres é único e oferece o melhor e mais efetivo gerenciamento de sólidos do mercado

TARGA® II Water Treatment System

Learn about our new TARGA II Water treatment system and operational benefits.

PURON® Packaged plants

PURON Packaged plants can help provide a full scope of supply at a reduced cost and small footprint

PURON® Module Advantages for MBR

PURON submerged hollow fibers modules for MBR applications offer many benefits, including a design that's helping companies reduce energy consumption.

Santa Paula Case Study

Santa Paula, California, used PURON membrane filtration modules to comply with increasingly stringent water quality requirements.